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The attorneys at Wiesner English have spent the majority of their careers fighting for the rights of injured workers. Work injuries can happen anywhere. This includes falls at work, car accidents, crush injuries, injuries caused by other people, repetitive stress injuries, intentional attacks, psychological injuries, burns, electrocutions, and cases of gross employer negligence. We also handle cases of discrimination due to work injuries and Subsequent Injury Benefit Trust Fund cases.

Along with those situations, we have experience addressing issues that cross over with work injuries, including; EDD/SDI, legal denials, factual denials, Medicare/MediCal involvement, child support, third party liens, and treatment disputes.

Unfortunately, we know too well how stressful a workers’ compensation case can be. Bills pile up. Credit becomes impacted. Necessary treatment goes without response. More and more work gets missed. Coworkers or supervisors might treat you differently. These are situations that come up all too often.

Add to this, a lack of control. Your claims examiner might have chosen your doctor for you and your doctor ignores your pain or symptoms.

These are issues we help our clients address.

If you were injured on the job, you can schedule a free consultation by calling us at (408) 889-5598 or completing our consultation form.

We represent injured workers with workers’ compensation claims on a pure contingency fee basis; there is no up-front cost.